Dear Friends,

Well, I filed to run for the Montana Legislature in House District 99 (where I live).

As with every other candidate, I now have my hand out for money.  I tell other candidates that the most difficult thing for every candidate to learn to do is to say "Please give me money."

So, let me follow my own advice.  Please see if you can pry out a donation for my campaign.  Any checks may be made out to and mailed to:

Marbut for House
P.O. Box 16106
Missoula, Montana 59808

I cannot accept more than $160 from any individual, but I suppose I may be deserving enough to get some similar checks from spouses, etc.

For any contribution of $35 or more, I am required to report the name, mail address, occupation and employer for each contributor.  So, if I'm lucky enough that you're one of those over-$35, please also provide that information.  It does become a matter of public record.


Donate via WePay


Thanks loads for your well wishes and whatever financial support you can throw my way.

Best wishes,
Gary Marbut